Showroom Shine waterless car wax

Waterless wash cleaning

It is a portable cleaner to wash your vehicle. You can carry around and wash everywhere, at any time.

Clean, wax and polish

Restore your car's aesthetic to its former glory in minutes

New Car Look in Minutes

Combines a solution that cleans polishes and protects, to save you time.

Did you know?

Suitable for cars, motorcycles, caravans and boats, plastic, glass, etc...



Showroom Shine

Showroom Shine is the revolutionary way to wash and wax your vehicle in one step without the need for water. Forget the bucket and sponge, hosepipes and loads of different car care products, Showroom Shine removes traffic film, bugs, tar, dirt and grime from metal, paintwork, glass and plastic. It delivers a deep gloss shine in under 30 minutes. You can now clean your vehicle in the garage, street and even on the move. It even works as well in full sun as it does in the rain. Try it and you will never go back....... Each 1 litre bottle is enough for up to 10 average sized family cars...... The revolutionary way to clean your car without water and get that 'new car' look in minutes..... Showroom shine finish...... Cleans, polishes and protects in on - saving you time and money....... Water free, hassle free - easy to use, anytime, anywhere....... No streaks, smears, scratches or water spots....... Safe for use on all types of paint......



• Suitable to use anywhere, anytime - without water!
• Combines a solution that cleans polishes and protects, to save you time.
• Easy to use - spay on, use one Microfibre Cloth to clean and one to buff.
• Safe and suitable to use with all types of bodywork paint.



Aplicar na área a limpar (em 1º lugar) depois passar com a microfibra para dar brilho. Fácil!





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