Water works: rainfall alone won’t keep your car totally clean

SelfwashBrown Bear Car Wash attendant Gerry Saulsman, 78, washes his wife’s car for her at the self-service station where he works.

Summer may be right around the corner, but as any seasoned Seattleite knows, there are plenty of dank days throughout the spring months that could have been yanked straight out of February. That’s why automotive experts say we shouldn’t wait to wash our cars. If they survived the winter on rain baths alone, they probably need some TLC now more than ever.

“Even in the areas that are really rainy, what people sometimes forget is that while the rain might come through and rinse off your car a little bit, what the rain really does is make the car more susceptible to picking up all the petroleum chemicals and road grime that’s on the street,” says Eric Wulf, executive director of the International Carwash Association.

The Seattle area has several options for keeping cars spic ‘n’ span, from do-it-yourself to do-nothing-but-sit.

Want to do it yourself?
  • Remember to park on grass or dirt so that the runoff doesn’t end up in the Puget Sound. And use a specially formulated cleaner. Here are some picks:
  • Eagle One NanoWash & Wax A car-wash soap with the wax built right in. Available at Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer and auto supply stores
  • DuduiTpro A waterless option that is non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free. Available at ecotouch.net and amazon.com
  • Foamtek Waterless Wash & WaxAnother waterless product; it liquefies dirt when it’s sprayed on. Available at amazon.com
  • Gliptone Wash N Glow and Emerald Clean Degreaser A biodegradable cleaner; the degreaser works on interior and exterior spots. Available at autobarn.com and jcwhitney.com
  • Simple Green Car Wash A gentle and biodegradable cleaner. Available at Wal-Mart, hardware stores and auto supply stores

The best bets for effectiveness, economy and convenience combined are the professional wash facilities that offer self- and full-service washes. This is where you’ll get the right types of detergents, great water pressure and proper wastewater disposal that won’t harm the fishes.

One local favorite is the environmentally friendly Brown Bear Car Wash (brownbear.com). Its self-service stations are equipped with vacuums, high-pressure hoses, foaming brushes and wax treatments. They even seasonally adjust the water temperature and solution strength to cut through winter dirt.

Brown Bear’s most popular option in the wetter months, says founder Victor Odermat, is the full-service tunnel washes that don’t require you to leave the cover of your car. A single wash costs $10-$15, depending on the package.

Costco (costco.com) sells five-wash cards of Brown Bear’s premium wash for $39.99. Costco’s Sodo location also has an on-site tunnel wash, but doesn’t have vacuums.

If you want to baby your car, treat it to a hand wash at Derek’s Auto Detail (dereksdetail.com). The workers get into every nook and cranny, performing services such as vacuuming the interior, washing the windows and wiping down the dash and consoles. Cost ranges from $15-$45, depending the level of service and size of your car. “We also suggest you get a good coat of wax, says owner Derek Henthorn. “That makes it easier to wash it again.”

weduit Cleaning and Wash

After writing about green car detailing last week, I contacted weduit about their Waterless Car Wash.  I was looking to find green, eco friendly ways to keep the cars clean that would perform as well as my traditional products.
Initially, their products looked good.  weduit is very open about their products and what they contain which makes it easier to ensure that they are not a company guilty of “greenwashing.”  Their Waterless Car Wash DuduiTpro is a plant-derived formula that is biodegradable and comes in a 100% recyclable bottle.  I was really impressed to see that they listed the ingredients in their formula AND for their plastic bottle.  It’s nice to see a company that’s honest about their product and not just trying to capitalize off of people’s conscience.  This was precisely why I contacted them to try out their product.  I’ve seen too many companies claim to be green without providing actual proof.  Luckily, weduit was kind enough to provide me with the DuduiTpro and some microfiber towels.  I was really hoping for some interior cleaner too, but hey, bloggers can’t be choosers right?
The contents of our lovely package
On to the dirty details (pun intended).  I hadn’t washed the BMW for about three weeks.  I’m such a slacker.  After our trip through the West Virginia mountains, she was due for a good wash:
Now I followed their directions to the letter…

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray on a microfiber towel and cool car surface.

3. Gently wipe and lift to pick up grime.

4. Quickly use a second dry towel and buff to shine.

Common sense caution. For excessively soiled surfaces (mud or sand) pre-rinse first with water.

Well all but the cool car surface bit.  Since I was unable to get the car’s surface temperature down I did smaller sections of the car at a time to limit the amount of cleaner that was lost due to evaporation.  weduit does recommend using a wet sponge to cool down the surface but this wasn’t an option for me.  Doing smaller sections at a time seemed to work quite well.  Most of the spots of dirt, grime and road dust seemed to wash right off.  There were some nasty bug and tar bits along the front grill and by the wheel wells that required a couple of passes and some elbow grease to remove.  It was a little more work then I really wanted to do but, then again, in this heat, that’s not much of a surprise.  Ah, the price I pay for vanity and preserving the car I love.  As I watched the dirt and grime jump off of the car and onto the micro-fiber cloth, I figured I would try the car wash on my rims too.  Now the BMW’s rims are notoriously easy to clean.  They take a little soap and water and they shine as if it just rolled off of the lot.  And the car wash did not disappoint.  The rims were shiny again.  Now I suspect that it won’t work so well for the white rims of the MINI so, I might have to try out weduit’s DuduiTpro made just for stubborn rims some day.  All told, it took me about 25 minutes to do the entire exterior of the car and about 1/3 of the 24 oz bottle they sent me.  They also sell it by the gallon for $45 which comes out to a savings of a little over $4 per bottle as opposed to buying it 24 oz at a time.   But, enough talking, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:
My overall impression?  I am a big fan of this waterless wash.  While I’d still recommend doing a hand wash once every 6 months, there’s no reason not to use this product as your normal cleaner of choice.  It gets the job done in little to no time and it does it well.  My car was left gleaming, free of any grime and ready to be driven.  Plus, I can foresee this as an invaluable cleaner come winter time since, no one wants to hand wash a car in 20 degree weather.  I have to say, I was pretty skeptical but, I will definitely be investing in the 1 gallon bottle of the cleaner.
I would definitely recommend that you check this product out.  Start with the 24 oz bottle and if you love it as much as I do, buy the 1 gallon bottle and refill your bottle.  This is the green detailing solution I was searching for.  I have to check out the rest of their line, but if they’re as good as the waterless wash, they’ll have a customer for life.

Pros and Cons of the Waterless Car Wash

WaterlessWaterSmartWaterSmart, a company in Austin, Tex., markets coconut-based soap for washing cars.

As large parts of the American West continue to experience drought, waterless car washes have been catching on. A new company in Austin, Tex., called WaterSmart, for example, washes cars with a coconut-based soap, according to an article in The Austin American Statesman.

The soap, made in various formulas under a brand called Freedom, for whichWaterSmart is the local distributor, is biodegradable, the proprietors say.

“The biggest thing we’re up against is the human brain, which says, ‘That doesn’t make sense,’” said Sarah Morgan, who runs WaterSmart along with her husband, according to the newspaper.

Another waterless car wash — a mobile one called EcoSmart Waterless Auto Care — began operations in the Austin area this year. It brings its services to customers, in office complexes, retail centers and parking garages.

Carwash.com also reports that there have been a “plethora of waterless car-wash and wax products to hit shelves in recent months.”

Back east, the Maryland Department of the Environment, citing 2002 figures from the International Car Wash Association, reports that conveyer-belt car washes can require up to 85 gallons of water. The department’s Web site also offers water-saving tips for do-it-yourself car washers.

For all this, though, some traditional carwash operators are not buying the idea of a waterless wash.

“In my opinion waterless car washing is primarily a gimmick to sell the chemical product used in the process,” Randy Cressall, who owns the Valencia Chevron Auto Spa in Valencia, Calif., and is a past president of theWestern Carwash Association, said in an e-mail message.

One problem, according to Mr. Cressall, is that waterless car washes can take twice as much time as regular ones. Also, he said, “I have yet to see a waterless car wash performed properly and safely when it comes to protecting the finish of the car.”

Mr. Cressall added:

There are clearly better options available when considering all the pros and cons. A good professional car wash can perform a wash using not much more water than required to flush a toilet with the proper use of reclaim and re-purification, all the while maintaining proper protection of the automobile finish and in less than half the time and labor required for a waterless car wash.

A consumer can wash a car at home on their lawn or any pervious surface using a bucket and a light finish spray to rinse the car. This method is hands down far safer for the automobile finish.

Follow in the Footsteps of Eco Auto Clean for Waterless Success

Anyone who knows anything about our business knows that Eco Auto Clean has for some time now been one of the most integral dealers that we have. These guys are masters at many things but almost none of these things can compare to the sheer amount of cars they are capable of washing within any given time period. The dedication shown by Justin and the Eco Auto Clean crew is admirable to say the least and if all waterless car wash dealers worked this way, whether they worked with us or not, we would be very proud. Since a full report of what Eco Auto Clean has been up to lately would probably take up several pages at the very least, today we are just going to be focusing on a few of the things that they have done recently that caught our interest.

Speaking of catching someone’s interest, it would be hard to understand how a car like this first car might be able to not catch someone’s interest. It definitely caught ours and the work that Eco Auto Cleandid on this Maserati in Johns  makes it look even better than usual. If you know anything about how good this car looks on its own then you know how much of an accomplishment it is for the team to be able to make the car look even better than normal. That is what Eco Auto Clean is best at though – defying expectations and making cars look better than even the manufacturer could have ever imagined.

After that the crew moved on to a mini van. Some of you might be wondering what is so special about a mini van but the Volkswagen Routan is pretty nice as far as mini vans go. What is even better though is the way that the crew was able to go about cleaning this one. Since the waterless car wash is just that – a wash that is done without water, they didn’t even need to take this one out of the garage to give it a wash. After detailing the exterior using their Go Green/Get Yellow formula they attacked some of the stains that had been ruining the overall look of the interior for months. It only took a few seconds for them to take care of those stains though because the boys definitely know what they are doing when it comes to getting a car into immaculate condition.

As you can see, the things that Eco Auto Clean are doing in this industry can only be described as incredible. Day in and day out they are proving their dedication to the waterless car wash and taking on new clients all the time. If you are looking to become a waterless car wash dealer and are looking for a role model then you can stop your search at Eco Auto Cleant. If you follow the approach that they are taking then you will go very, very far.

Hi Def Detail Gives the People What They Want

We love all of our waterless car wash dealers equally for all of the great things that they do for us and the industry as a whole. There is one dealer in particular though that we have to recognize because every time we talk about them, the fans get really excited. The waterless car wash fans simply get enough of Hi Def Detail and all of the amazing work that they do. It is more than just the excellent work that they perform though, it is the fact that they have a knack for super high profile client acquisition. Just about every car that they wash and detail is worthy of a picture even before it is washed and even more so after it is done being washed.

One of the really cool things that Hi Def Detail has been doing lately is going to work and really giving the engines of their customer’s cars a deep and thorough cleaning. While the average person might not need that level of cleaning down to the engine when getting their car detailed, Hi Def Detail customers definitely aren’t your average car owners. While you might ever need your engine to be sparkly clean to the point that you are showing it off to people, the Hi Def Detail customers definitely do. Often they are taking their cars and entering them in car shows and events or simply want to show them off after putting so much money into them. Having a car with an engine that you feel like you can eat off is a plus in just about anyone’s book. If you need any further proof then just check out their Facebook page to see some pictures of some of the squeaky clean engines they have washed.

Another thing that we really like about Hi Def Detail is that they really take the time out to make sure that their customers fully understand what they are doing for them. Recently they made an interesting post on their Facebook asking their customers if they really knew the difference between washing and detailing. It might seem like a simple question but the answer could surprise you. In short, washing your car is the act of removing dirt and contaminates of your car’s surface. Detailing is the act of removing blemishes and marks in your car’s paint job that have been created by contaminates hitting your car. Thanks for the explanation guys, we are sure it will be useful to a lot of people.

If you get into the habit of following what the crew at Hi Def Detail is doing, you definitely won’t be disappointed. With the types of cars they are detailing on a regular basis, even if you are only a casual fan of the waterless car wash, you will still be able to find something that interests you. The owner, Cameron, is a great guy as well and is a pleasure to work with. Keep up all the great work Cameron!

End of Summer Waterless Car Wash Wrap Up

As the summer is winding down to a close we thought that we would check in with all of our fans and followers and see how they are doing. As far as things go in the waterless car wash world, we really can’t complain. Now, more than ever people are really starting to become receptive to the whole concept of washing their car without using any water at all. The greatest thing for us is when we go somewhere and hear people talking about the waterless car wash without us having to say anything about it first. That really makes us feel like we are making an impact on the world, one bottle of solution at a time.

Speaking of our products we have come out with a couple of new ones this year as well as changed the color of our regular formula from yellow to blue. At first people were a bit scared, thinking that the blue formula was some entirely new formula but it didn’t take long for them to realize that it was the same tried and true waterless car wash product that they have come to know and love over the years. The great part about what we do here is the fact that we have been able to build such a following among our fans which has helped us to make our brand name even stronger.

And while we are on the subject of making our brand name stronger, weduit has moved into more new markets and countries than ever before this year. With so many people wanting to jump in and be a part of the waterless team we have been able to make partnerships in places that we wouldn’t have ever been able to set up in on our own. So far our experience with international dealers has been excellent and we are proud to have each and every one of them on the team.

We can’t forget about our stateside dealers though as they make a pretty large percentage of the waterless car wash business. These might just be some of the hardest working waterless car wash dealers around and they keep us amazed at the fact that they are constantly able to find new ways to innovate their own businesses. We have a couple dealers up in Kent that are doing the same thing as well, so this our official hat tip to all of our UK dealers.

As you can clearly see, we are loving the way that things are going for us right now. We are powering through this slow economy with common sense products that serve a purpose while also giving results. It sounds like a simple premise but value and results are just what works. We can’t wait to see what next season has in store for us, whether it be new partnerships, new countries or maybe even some new products. When we know though, believe us, all of you will be the first to know as well.

How is the Waterless Car Wash Performing These Days?

One of the questions that we receive most often from our fans is just how much the waterless car wash is growing on a daily basis. It is a great question and one that we definitely have no qualms about answering, especially given the delightfully positive answer. The answer – in short is that the waterless car wash is currently on a huge upswing that we hope keeps continuing for quite a long time. Today we are going to exploring some of the reasons that the waterless car wash is doing so well around the world right now.

One of the reasons that we attribute things to is the fact that several of our dealers are doing an excellent job at actually promoting the waterless while they are out and about. Whether this be when they attend events or trade shows or whether they are simply telling people enthusiastically and letting word of mouth do its job, the news about the waterless car wash is spreading fast through the right avenues to take it to a level that it has never been before but has always deserved to be.

When we talk about the right avenues, the eco-friendly crowd is definitely involved in the success of the waterless car wash in a big way. A lot of these eco-friendly people hear about the waterless car wash at eco events and are quick to spread the word. Since people that support eco-friendly causes are quick to make their views known, this means that it doesn’t take long for support for the waterless car wash to spread around and quite far at that. We are in the process of encouraging all of waterless dealers to participate in these sorts of events whenever possible to further the waterless cause.

Another thing that is actually helping the waterless car wash is the state of the economy. While this might seem silly, it really isn’t. Since the waterless car wash doesn’t need to be performed as often as a wash with water, it actually works out cheaper to simply go waterless. Once people realize that not only is it a lot cheaper but also makes their car look better in the process, it becomes a no brainer. We can’t wait for the day that waterless is the only logical solution in everybody’s mind and not just in the eyes of the people who already know the benefits of it.

So now that you know the current state of the waterless car wash, how are you going to do your part to help further our cause even further? Are you going to go out and tell your friends all about the waterless car wash and tell them to tell their friends too once they become believers. Or will you take things one step further and become a dealer and start attending events? No matter what it is that you decide to do, simply doing something is a whole lot better than not doing anything. So get out there and start spreading the word today, you will thank yourself for doing something good.

An Update From the Waterless World

Our fans that follow us on a regular basis are always eager to hear about the new developments that are coming from the waterless industry. No matter level of fan they are when it comes to waterless products, they know that weduit Waterless Car Wash is going to always be the company to follow when it comes to the waterless car wash. Not only would we like to thank them for all of their dedication but we would like to make sure that they stay up to date with everything that is going on in the waterless industry. That is why we always feel the need to update them with what is going on in the waterless car wash industry.

First things first, things are good, very good. With Summer now in full swing, more people than ever are going waterless. We attribute this to the fact that there is probably a lot of hose bans and water bans in different areas around the world. That means more and more people every day are turning towards waterless every day to not only help them to keep their cars clean but to help to keep the environment healthy. You might not believe that you alone as a single person can help, but you really can and every time you wash your car waterlessly you are saving over a hundred gallons of water.

As far as our dealers, they have been doing a great job lately at representing the waterless car wash. Aside from simply getting out there and washing cars for people they have been attending events and putting in face time in the right venues to really advance the waterless car wash. It is these sorts of connections that are going to go the farthest at pushing the waterless car wash to the next level.

So while we could probably go on for a whole lot longer about what is actually going on in the waterless world we will leave you with these few bits of information now. We have a whole lot of really great info coming up in the very near future that should be very exciting for anyone who is even remotely involved in the waterless car wash world. New markets, new countries, new products, new everything. But we will have to save all of that for another time. For now, just enjoy the great info above and happy waterless washing!

Waterless car wash: Hi DeF Auto Detailing in Texas

Cameron of Hi DeF Detail is going crazier this year, with his new line of waxes and services for car owners to enjoy. I am sure a lot of cars would received luxury detailing from them. Through Holly “Hi Def” Daniels, the Hi Def Spokesperson is attracting crowds of fans at the local car shows. Surely fans and car owners would love it. Check out this great video from the Hi Def crew in Dallas, Texas, where car owners were madly in love with waterless car wash services from Hi DeF Detail. Cameron’s crew makes it look more glamorous than ever! Great job guys!

Hi Def Auto Detail is the premier provider of luxurious yet affordable auto detailing solutions.  For more information on Hi Def Auto Detailvisit info@hidefdetail.com

Waterless Car Wash Satisfies Vehicle Owner

Today Eco Auto Clean, Atlanta’s best mobile car wash and detail, detailed four different vehicles.  The black Mercedes received the light stretchpackage and upgraded from the Go Green/Get Yellow Super Polymer Formula to the Two in the pink – 2 wax formula. The Two in the pink protects anddeflects bugs and dirt with it’s two built in waxes.Today Eco Auto Clean, Atlanta’s best mobile car wash and detail, detailed four different vehicles.  The black Mercedes received the light stretchpackage and upgraded from the Go Green/Get Yellow Super Polymer Formula to the Two in the pink – 2 wax formula. The Two in the pink protects anddeflects bugs and dirt with it’s two built in waxes.





The silver BMW 3 series received the Light Stretch package giving a quick outside clean up for that great weekend look.Packages and pricing to fit everyone’s budget. Visit www.EcoAutoCleanATL.com for more info.