weduit Waterless Car Wash


I have been using weduit Waterless Car Wash products for about 2 years.  Here in south central Texas it’s been a struggle trying to keep our vehicles clean.  We have been in drought conditions and this past summer we advanced to extreme drought conditions.  We have been, and continue to be under mandatory water use restrictions.  Thankfully, with weduit Waterless Car Wash I am able to keep my families’ vehicles clean.

I use Complete Clean, DuduiTpro, Multiclean and Wheels.  My favorite is the Wheels.  I no longer have to scrub my tires in order to get them clean.  This stuff works like magic.  I spray all of my tires first, then I clean the rest of the car with the DuduiTpro by the time I’m done cleaning the care, the tires are dry and I’m ready to drive.

Everyday when I get home from work, I dust off my care with a duster and give a quick spray and wipe with the DuduiTpro

The only negative (?) comment I have is that I am no longer able to put my car cover on by myself.  The surface is so slick that the cover slides off before I can get it installed properly.  It now takes two people to put the cover on, and my wife laughs every time I ask for her help.

Too often claims are made by the manufacturer about their product only to be disappointed by the results we consumers actually receive.  It is refreshing to use a product that actually performs as it’s claimed to perform.  I would (and do) recommend weduit Waterless Car Wash products because they perform great and it’s friendly for our environment.

Motorcycle Waterless Cleaning Wipes (80 Wipes)

Were we sceptical or what? Waterless bike cleaning? You must be joking! Having now tried weduit wipes we can honestly say that they do what they say on the tin! weduit  is the result of two years of laboratory research and testing and comes supplied in a tub of 80 wipes soaked in 1 litre of solution and comes with a professional grade microfibre cleaning cloth.It’s simple, weduit  is a fast , easy to use cleaning product suitable for all motorcycles, cars, vans, boats etc  No hard rubbing necessary, just make a few circular moves with a weduit wipe, then polish the surface using the Microfibre cloth provided in the kit. Duduit degreases glass surfaces and leaves a waterproof layer helping water dispersal.Really effective at removing insect guts and residue. Duduit removes tar without the need for aggressive harmful chemicals. Revives dull plastic and paint finish.One tub contains 80 wipes and a micro-fibre cloth – cleaning a typical large motorcycle uses 2-3 wipes and a car approx 8-10 wipes.
Professional grade microfibre cloth included with every tub. All the main active components in weduit are not harmful to any surfaces. Contrary to most cleaners available today, weduit contains soft polishing elements in order to eliminate micro scratches. The honeycomb structure of the wipe enables it to capture sand and silica particles. Duduit  is unique in that it cleans without water. Using weduit is also a great way of keeping your motorcycle in great condition in the colder months.

Motorbike DuduiTpro


DuduiTpro Waterless  is the ultimate exterior cleaning and detailing solution: clean, refresh, shine and protect with Nano wax technology. A totally ground breaking Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly waterless car wash system that can be used to clean, wax, polish and Nano protect any part of the car, motorcycle, boat, caravan and aircraft exterior surface, delivering a premium mirror-gloss finish in half the time of conventional waxing, provides UV protection, repels water and minimises dirt build-up. DuduiTpro Waterless Wash formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean and polish your full car exterior anytime, any place and everywhere the waterless green way, by fully negating the use of water without compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish and whilst caring for our environment.

DuduiTpro contains many superior ingredients including Nano Wax, high-grade carnauba wax the world’s hardest natural protective waxspecial wetting agents, lubricants, unique water-based polymers andprotectants bringing a truly breathtaking formula to the car cleaning, polishing, detailing and valeting world. Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol. DuduiTpro Ultra Nano cleans, polishes and wax protects your vehicle and helps protect the environment too. Effortless showroom shine is instantly created on exterior paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, rubber, plastics, hard vinyl, alloys, wheels, trim and wiper blades preventing judder and drag. Eco friendly Advanced does so much more than just clean and shine your vehicle it brings out the natural brilliant colour pigments in your paintwork and protects it from both natural and manufactured harmful elements. Also amazing results achieved on Interior plastics, wood, mirrors and door trim.

Directions forDuduiTpro use: Shake well before use. Quick and easy to apply simply spray initially onto a clean folded microfibre cloth to moisten. Then spray evenly on to the area to be cleaned, gently wipe off from target area and then quickly buff the same area with a second folded microfibre cloth to a beautiful shine. Continue process until you have effortlessly cleaned and polished the entire vehicle. Used in conjunction with Pearl Universal enables you to clean the whole exterior and interior of the vehicle.

How does work the DuduiTpro:  is a formula instantly encapsulates and emulsifies the dirt and grime particles on contact, which then allows the microfibre cloth to rapidly absorb and lift all the liquefied soils away from the surface without scratching the paintwork, safely forming a protective barrier between the dirt and the paintwork, preventing it from coming into contact with the vehicle surface again. The carnauba wax also provides a protective barrier dramatically reducing paint oxidisation and UV rays which are extremely damaging to painted surfaces whilst imparting an outstanding shiny, highly protective anti-static glaze finish which water will always bead on. This superior polished non-stick surface repells the dirt and dust ensuring your vehicle stays cleaner for that much longer.


One of the most recent product innovations to emerge out of the car cleaning & detailing industry is the waterless car wash. The idea behind these products is that they can replace traditional car shampoo products and make the car … Continue reading