End of Summer Waterless Car Wash Wrap Up

As the summer is winding down to a close we thought that we would check in with all of our fans and followers and see how they are doing. As far as things go in the waterless car wash world, we really can’t complain. Now, more than ever people are really starting to become receptive to the whole concept of washing their car without using any water at all. The greatest thing for us is when we go somewhere and hear people talking about the waterless car wash without us having to say anything about it first. That really makes us feel like we are making an impact on the world, one bottle of solution at a time.

Speaking of our products we have come out with a couple of new ones this year as well as changed the color of our regular formula from yellow to blue. At first people were a bit scared, thinking that the blue formula was some entirely new formula but it didn’t take long for them to realize that it was the same tried and true waterless car wash product that they have come to know and love over the years. The great part about what we do here is the fact that we have been able to build such a following among our fans which has helped us to make our brand name even stronger.

And while we are on the subject of making our brand name stronger, weduit has moved into more new markets and countries than ever before this year. With so many people wanting to jump in and be a part of the waterless team we have been able to make partnerships in places that we wouldn’t have ever been able to set up in on our own. So far our experience with international dealers has been excellent and we are proud to have each and every one of them on the team.

We can’t forget about our stateside dealers though as they make a pretty large percentage of the waterless car wash business. These might just be some of the hardest working waterless car wash dealers around and they keep us amazed at the fact that they are constantly able to find new ways to innovate their own businesses. We have a couple dealers up in Kent that are doing the same thing as well, so this our official hat tip to all of our UK dealers.

As you can clearly see, we are loving the way that things are going for us right now. We are powering through this slow economy with common sense products that serve a purpose while also giving results. It sounds like a simple premise but value and results are just what works. We can’t wait to see what next season has in store for us, whether it be new partnerships, new countries or maybe even some new products. When we know though, believe us, all of you will be the first to know as well.

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