How to Start a Mobile Waterless Car Wash Busines

Mobile waterless car wash businesses help vehicles to stay cleaner without harming the environment

Starting a mobile waterless car wash business allows you to focus on helping the environment and putting money in your pocket at the same time by cleaning cars. Mobile waterless car wash businesses service individual drivers, industries, auto showrooms, automotive repair centers and companies such as taxi and limo services. If you choose to be a part of this exciting business, you can grow your business as your customer base expands and create a fleet of waterless car wash vehicles that travel around your service area.


Study other car wash companies in your area. Determine the number of car wash companies in your immediate area. Know the number of companies that use water and those that are waterless because both types will be competition for you. Consider taking your car to these competitors to test the quality of their car wash services. Find out their rates and create a list of services that have lower prices. Add any other services you think might be marketable.2

Find a supplier. Search for a source of waterless car wash products that are organic and biodegradable so you do less harm to the environment. Use these “green” products on your own car first to ensure the products do the job they claim to be able to do. Select a supplier with products that have earned certification from the Environmental Protection Agency as environmentally friendly. You will need products to clean the windows, rims, tires, solutions to treat the interior seating of the car and organic bug-removing products. Be sure to purchase a quality air-freshener to spray in the car after cleaning.

Make sure your vehicle is in good condition, clean and has a banner displaying your company information on the side to advertise your business. Remember you will be operating a business, so you need to present a professional appearance. Consider purchasing shirts with the name of your business on the front and back of the shirt and pants that are the same color as your shirt.
Market your business. Tell your friends, family and neighbors you are starting a mobile waterless car wash business. Let them know they will get a 50 percent discount off normal rates if they send you one client.

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