Motorcycle Waterless Cleaning Wipes (80 Wipes)

Were we sceptical or what? Waterless bike cleaning? You must be joking! Having now tried weduit wipes we can honestly say that they do what they say on the tin! weduit  is the result of two years of laboratory research and testing and comes supplied in a tub of 80 wipes soaked in 1 litre of solution and comes with a professional grade microfibre cleaning cloth.It’s simple, weduit  is a fast , easy to use cleaning product suitable for all motorcycles, cars, vans, boats etc  No hard rubbing necessary, just make a few circular moves with a weduit wipe, then polish the surface using the Microfibre cloth provided in the kit. Duduit degreases glass surfaces and leaves a waterproof layer helping water dispersal.Really effective at removing insect guts and residue. Duduit removes tar without the need for aggressive harmful chemicals. Revives dull plastic and paint finish.One tub contains 80 wipes and a micro-fibre cloth – cleaning a typical large motorcycle uses 2-3 wipes and a car approx 8-10 wipes.
Professional grade microfibre cloth included with every tub. All the main active components in weduit are not harmful to any surfaces. Contrary to most cleaners available today, weduit contains soft polishing elements in order to eliminate micro scratches. The honeycomb structure of the wipe enables it to capture sand and silica particles. Duduit  is unique in that it cleans without water. Using weduit is also a great way of keeping your motorcycle in great condition in the colder months.

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