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What is weduit Waterless Car Wash?”

An easy to use car care product that you can Spray On, Gently Rub In & Wipe Off! Clean, Polish & Protect your car Without Water, Virtually Anywhere/ Anytime, Wet or Dry, in the Sun or in the Shade.

Our High Performance Water-Based Freedom Waterless Car Wash Products are a Safe, Biodegradable Alternative to using Soap and Water. Don’t settle for cheap imitations. Go with the Industry Leader! Go with weduit Waterless Car Wash! Providing High Quality Car Care Products since 1996.

The Waterless Car Care Leader!

Our High Performance/ High Quality Car Care Products are the best in the world. They do more than just Wash & Wax your vehicle; the super slick & velvet smooth finish actually protects it from the elements and the anti-static properties keep it cleaner longer. Dirt just doesn’t want to stick to it! Please try it for yourself. We offer a 100% Money-back guarantee.

From our start in 1996, we have sold our products in over 40 countries, world-wide. With any new product or concept, it is important to go with the Proven Leader. Go with weduit Waterless Car Wash. Your car will LOVE it.



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lavar carro Outstanding Products mixed with our Excellent Customer Service.

This is our forcast to made weduit leader.


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High perfomance products create extraordinaries results.

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Mobile car washing

weduit offers you the possibility to book an appointment online and get your car washed on the same day hassle free.
Avoid waiting in line at the corner car wash.
Fill up the form online and we will email / text message you with an estimated arrival and completion time.
Book now a mobile car wash!

Our Products


DuduiTpro our Star!
We designed our weduit range specifically for each type of material and this makes cleaning quality.
Long-lasting, highly effective, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, safe, no waste generation ...

Our Cleanings


• Paint - cleaned, polished and protected
• Wheels - cleaned, polished and protected
• Exterior Plastics - cleaned and protected using our plastic/vinyl protector
• Glass - exterior surfaces cleaned
• Tyres - conditioned so they look like new



• Glass - cleaned and treated inside and out using our anti-fog, window tint friendly glass treatment
• Dash Trims - we use our state of the art anti-static plastic and vinyl protector to remove all dirt from your dash and trims leaving them spotless, protected from UV rays
• Carpets Seats - to top it all off, we vacuum your carpets and seats to give you that "i want to take my shoes off and wriggle my toes" feeling.


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• The ultimate treatment!
• We go over every inch of your car, right down to the boot and door jams, and bring it back to life. All bugs and tar removed, bumpers renovated, interior spotless and deodourised.
• You will be amazed at how good your car can look, again!


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• Sanitizing and deodorizing treatment against bacterial agents leaves a clean, friendly and odorless.
• Disinfection and disappearance of CO2 is a key objective for hygiene in tight spaces such as the interior of a vehicle. Ideal to purify the air, our ozone treatments eliminate elements that cause allergies, eliminate snuff smoke, dust, pollen, volatile organic compounds ...


We manufacture a complete line of Waterless Car Wash and car detailing supplies. Our feature Waterless Car Wash product is an easy spray and wipe cleaner for your vehicle.


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